Executive Organic Land Care

For the Garret Park area we are offering our top-of-the-line service that includes weekly visits to your property to keep your landscape at the highest standards of the neighborhood.

Weekly Organic Land Care includes the same services as Seasonal Organic Land Care.  In addition,   we will visit your property to mow the lawn with push mower, which allows us to provide a better, more attractive cut and keep weeds in control. 

We also blow decks and driveways clear of leaves and debris and monitor any extra feature that you may have such as lights, irrigation, or fountains.

Medardo is our mowing guy, and he will take care of any additional work you may need while he is at your property.  If the additional work is going to take longer for him to finish, he will coordinate with us to schedule a time and the help needed to complete the job.

We keep our lawns in the best shape possible organically and are proud to say you are in good hands with us!

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