Seasonal Organic Land Care

Spring Clean-up

  • Spring clean-up will occur between late-February and mid-April. Removal of debris and weeds from plant beds
  • Fertilization of shrubs, small trees, perennials and ground covers with an appropriate organic fertilizer
  • Plant beds will be hand re-edged. Pruning of shrubs, small trees, perennials and ground covers in order to maintain a natural growth habit and appearance
  • Mulching of bed areas with fine pines mulch to maintain a depth of (2) two inches

Bed & Plant Care

  • Planting beds will be attended twice over the summer, for weeds, light pruning and health of perennials and shrubs, and integrated pest management program will be established for your specific conditions which includes a soil test.

Fall Leaf Removal

  • The property will be visited three (3) times during the fall, between mid-October and mid-December, to remove leaves and debris from your lawn, decks and planting beds. We will mulch one more time (just for color) for the winter with fine pines mulch.

Organic Lawn Care

  • The lawn area will be sampled for a soil test which includes O.M and will be base for any treatment or amendment we follow
  • Corn gluten and compost will be applied in early spring to control weeds and improve biology of the soil
  • Lawns will be aerated with a mechanical aerator to a depth of approximately (3) inches in order to provide access for oxygen and water to penetrate deeply into the root system of your turf.
  • Any bare areas will be top-dressed with compost & grass seed
  • Lawn areas will be over-seeded at a rate of 3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft with the appropriate seed mix on the fall season.

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