Composting your lawn

This fall is time to renovate your lawn and the best practice to help the seeds find the best soil to germinate is aerate-over seed-add compost and right watering!

Temperatures are cooler and weeds are getting dormant-perfect time to introduce the right seed to your property. Following soil test results, you probably will need to add a fertilizer and amendment to keep your soil in the right pH and keep nutrients in the right balance. This will allow the grass to find the right conditions next year to growth ticker and take over weeds a little more; weeds are more adapted for harder pHs and difficult physical conditions.

Composting is very important and is the key to improve water management and activate micro and macro-organisms that help the roots develop a healthier and stronger root system. Compost made out of vegetables have enzymes and other biological compounds that help brake the clay or aggregate sandy soils improving water management and making your lawn stronger for the summer.

Remember the idea of Organic Land Care is to grow lawn and plants in a sustainable way and working in a richer soil is the foundation to achieve that.