Drainage Issues and Unusual Pests

This summer we have experienced one of the most unusual weather patterns we have had in many years. Heavy rains, very hot and dry days — all that takes its toll on our gardens, and we need to be prepared.
Here, then, are a couple tips that you may find useful:

• Water new plants more often on hot days early in the morning and sometimes late in the afternoon
• Keep your eyes open, for new pests (lots of scale, grasshoppers, weeds, and fungus) are thriving and are more aggressive than ever!
• Make sure your property handles the water properly, or you might find your basement flooded! It is important to protect the area where the water moves out of your property with gravel or other ground cover that doesn’t get washed away; sometimes you may need to regrade or install drainage ditches to achieve this. In any case, it is important to deal with it properly (and artistically), and be sure the path of your water is clear from debris!

Have a great day.

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